Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The Del Air Rockhounds Club Welcomes You!!

The Del Air Rockhounds Club was founded in 1952 with members mostly residing in the San Fernando Valley area of California. Our club is a non-profit organization dedicated to sharing knowledge of the lapidary arts and techniques, geology, mineralogy and related fields. We own our own lapidary equipment with members available to teach and demonstrate lapidary techniques to other members. Our members enjoy lapidary related programs, demonstrations, exhibitions, displays and lectures. We also take monthly field trips to our local deserts & mountains for exploration and the study and collection of lapidary and mineral specimens.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

July 2014 Del Air Calendar of Events

July 2014
03: General Meeting: 7:30 pm in our regular meeting room
04: Independence Day: Happy Birthday America!
17: Board Meeting: 7:30 pm @ The Hellenthal’s home. (Check your roster)
       21: Drum Circle: 6:00 pm Fords Amphitheater Across from the Hollywood
       Bowl. It’s free. Contact club member Marilyn Murata for more information.  Remember…We’re Dark in August…No Meetings, No Bulletin…Happy Rockhounding!
Del Air General Meeting: Thursday Jul 03, 2014
7:30 pm in our regular meeting room at:
Northridge United Methodist Church - 9650 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324
Guests Are Always Welcome At Our Meetings & Events.

July 2014 Program:
Del Air Annual Ice Cream & Bingo Social             Presented By: The Del Air Board & Committee Chairs 
The Del Air Board of Directors & Committee Chairs is once again proud to bring you our annual Ice Cream & Bingo Social. Every year, the month of July affords us the opportunity to get together for a delicious summer treat and play a few games of BINGO for fun and fabulous prizes (donated by the membership) before we break for the summer. We’ll play 7 or 8 various forms of bingo, time permitting. We’ll start with 4 games then break for ice cream sundaes and then play another 3 or 4 games when we return from break. Why not come join us for this fun filled annual event?                                                                 Emmy Silverman – Program Director

“Something” of the Month

In honor of our annual Ice Cream & Bingo Social, club member Marilyn Murata asks about the origins of the game Bingo.
Find out more at our July and even though this is not “rock related”, there will still be a color handout available for those of you that have been collecting these info sheets over the past few years.

Del Air Rockhounds and the 2014 CFMS Show

The Del Air Rockhounds made a fine turnout at this year’s show. In addition to me and Bob Knox, both of whom spent the entire 4 day weekend working the show, Bob & Maxine Dearborn worked the show all day Saturday. Bob Dearborn manned the Club Central booth along with me and Bob Knox. We talked to many, many people and promoted the Del Air club and rockhounding in general.  Maxine Dearborn worked the front door greeting people and selling raffle tickets. Bob Knox and I were appointed official CFMS judges this year and had the opportunity to judge several of the competitive cases in this year’s show. It took some time to get the hang of it but all went smoothly and we learned a lot. I entered just one case this year due to the other things I committed myself to. I took a first place win for my Before & After educational case earning 99 out of 100 points. In addition to the aforementioned members, we also saw Jeff & Candy Dearborn, Anita Lichtman, Sharon Fyfe, Irene Lovell and Bob, Leilani and Jamie Backus who were also vendors at the show. I also had some friends from my work that showed up. The Pasadena Lapidary Society did a bang up job putting together this year’s show. Congratulations to Joe & Marcia Goetz and their entire team for a job well done.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

June 2014 Del Air Calendar of Events

June 2014
05: General Meeting: 7:30 pm in our regular meeting room
15: Father’s Day: Dad’s Special Day……Don’t Forget!
15: Hand Bell Choir: Member Marilyn Murata will be bell ringing in the main Sanctuary
19: Board Meeting: 7:30 pm @ Dick Flaharty’s home.
21: First Day of Summer: Yikes!! Here comes the heat!
June’s Special People

Happy Birthday to:                                                                         
June 21- Lenny Hellenthal
Del Air General Meeting: Thursday Jun 05, 2014  
7:30 pm in our regular meeting room at:
Northridge United Methodist Church - 9650 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324 Guests Are Always Welcome At Our Meetings & Events.
June 2014 Program: A Final Look at Curiosity’s Seven Minutes of Terror and on to Exploring Mars" Presented By: Neil Mottinger
Neil Mottinger, a Navigation Engineer who works at the Navigation and Mission Design Section of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), a company that’s operated by the California Institute of Technology for NASA, will follow up on the entry, descent and landing activities of the Mars Curiosity Rover with a narrated video comprised of computer animation and actual images from the descent camera. He will summarize the travels and discoveries of Curiosity following the landing and plans to show second narrated video of some interesting tests of possible sources of linear gullies noted on the walls of some Mars craters.   He will include a little about the on-going travels of the MER Rover, Opportunity, which has now been motoring about Mars for 10+ years.  In addition, Neil will show some other astro-images of the skies as seen from Earth, the Milky Way over Half Dome, for example, as well as explore some interesting objects (planets and moons) in the Solar System. Emmy Silverman – Program Director 

“Something” of the Month

For June 2014, Club Member Bob Knox Asks About: "Tektites".
Find out more at our June meeting and remember to bring any specimens you may have and share with the group. There will be a color handout for those of you that have been collecting these info sheets over the past few years.

Rockhound Heaven
Serpentine trees have peridot leaves, and the lakes are azurite blue.That turquoise sky with coral clouds—it’s something, I’m telling you!

Those copper trees, when it comes fall, light up like a Christmas tree.Their wulfenite leaves of orange and red are sparkly as they can be.

Amethyst crystals are down in the valleys, nigh to shoulder high.And fire agate cabs as big as your head, all cut and polished, no lie!

There are pretty pictures in all the jaspers. Chrysocolla is top gem grade. Calcite & tourmaline crystals are there, pick them up while you lie in the shade.

The flowers are Montana sapphires, gold mounts hang like nuts on a tree.   No fences to climb or gates to close tight, the diggins' all are free.

The rivers are silver, the campgrounds are gold. Your shovel never bends.And the faces bright in the campfire’s light are those of your dearest friends. (Via (Owyhee Gem, 8/11; via Owyhee Gem, 11/90; via Grindings; from Eureka News and CMSe Tumbler 5/14)