Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April 2014 Del Air Events & Info

Apr 2014

03: General Meeting: 7:30 pm in our regular meeting room
17: Board Meeting: 7:30 pm @ the Marin’s home. (Check your roster for the address)
18: New Castle Elementary Open House Fair: 4:30 pm to 6:00 pm. See Maxine D. for details.
20: Easter Sunday: Here Comes Peter Cottontail!
26: Science Fair @ Paramount Ranch & School Spring Fair @ Our Community School: See Article 
Del Air General Meeting: Thursday Apr 03, 2014   
                                         7:30 pm in our regular meeting room at:
Northridge United Methodist Church - 9650 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324
Guests Are Always Welcome At Our Meetings & Events.

April 2014 Program:

“Basic Mechanisms of Agate and Jasper Formation”
By: Donald Kasper
What a great opportunity to have Donald Kasper, a knowledgeable and talented author of 18 books, present “Basic Mechanisms of Agate and Jasper Formation” at the Del-Air Rockhounds Club April 2014 general meeting.  He will describe set conditions that constrain how these silica rocks form and how they are related to volcanic systems.  Some of the findings using infrared spectroscopy to identify agate structures and inclusions are discussed, as well as the composition of some commonly sold agates.  The goal is to show that agates and jaspers do not form from weathering, but instead form in specific geologic systems that we can search successfully ourselves in the public lands of the Southwest. Donald’s book on infrared identification of the major agates, jaspers, opals, and geode structures of the world will be shown.  His latest book detailing a study of the California coastal agates, which are influenced strongly by marine conditions, will be shown for the first time. Donald will take you on a high-level, basic tour of how some of these complex structures form as he continues on his theory of how water affects these silica systems which produce the agates that we collect.  You may also bring some specimens for Donald to identify!  Please visit Donald’s website at

“Something” of the Month

For April 2014, Club Member Bob Dearborn Asks:  
What is Sagenite? 

Find out more at our April meeting and please remember to bring any sagenite specimens you may have and share with the group. There will be a color handout for those of you that have been collecting these info sheets over the past few years

Two Del Air Events in One Day!
We will be hosting education booths at both the Santa Monica Mountains Science Fair at the Paramount Ranch as well as at Our Community Charter School on:
SaturdayApril 26, 2014
Set-up times, details and directions will be sent out to all members via an e-mail blast as we get a little closer to the event date. Please see Maxine Dearborn or any board member to volunteer to help out for a few hours. No experience is necessary but fun and gratification is guaranteed.

Also coming up in early May...

Lorne St Elementary School PTA Spring Festival
           17440 Lorne Street, Northridge, CA 91324
Saturday May 3, 2014 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Set up will begin at 10:00 am. Again, we ask all members, especially those of you that have not yet volunteered to work one of these events, to step forward and advise Maxine Dearborn that you will be able to help out. It is a boatload of fun and you will not be            disappointed that you volunteered.