Thursday, January 1, 2015

January 2015 Del Air Calendar of Events

Jan 2015
07: Grab Bag Sewing Day: 10:00 am at the Dearborn’s home.
08: General Meeting: 7:30 pm in our regular meeting room.
15: Board Meeting: 7:30 pm at the Hellenthal’s home
17: Field Trip: Del Air Annual Fossil Whale Bone Hunt (see article for details)
19: Martin Luther King Jr. Day: Dream that Dream!

       Jan 2015 Meeting Hosts                          Feb 2015 Meeting Hosts

Gen Mtg: Chris Ward & Bob Knox                    Maxine Dearborn & Marilyn Murata       
Brd Mtg: The Hellenthal’s Home                                              TBD

Welcome to our first month on the new Meeting Host Program. This year, all members are required to serve as a general meeting host at least once. See Richard Haering if you have not yet signed up for your month.
There will be 2 hosts each month and they are not required to bring any refreshments but can if they so wish. The hosts will be responsible for setting up the table area, coffee machine and organizing the food brought in by the membership as well as helping to serve during the break and cleaning up the area afterward.
All members are encouraged to bring a refreshment a-la pot-luck style to any and all meetings. The club will supply coffee, water and paper goods each month. If no one brings anything then there will be nothing to eat at break time. If everyone brings a little something then there will be plenty for everyone.

Participation Promotes Positive Club Spirit!    Please Participate!
Del Air General Meeting: Thursday Jan 08, 2015 
The meeting begins at 7:30 pm in our regular meeting room at:
Northridge United Methodist Church-9650 Reseda Bl Northridge, CA 91324 Guests Are Always Welcome At Our Meetings & Events.
Jan 2015 Program: The Wonders of the Winter Sky               
Presented By: Jim VanWinkle
Club member Jim VanWinkle will take us on a tour of the astronomical wonders of the winter sky, with emphasis on things that can be seen with the naked eye or with binoculars.  The discussion will cover some of the more interesting constellations, unusual stars, nebulae where star birth is occurring, and a little of the mythology behind the constellations.                                           Emmy Silverman-Program Chairwoman

            Interested Days for Us **

January 02 - January 14 2015                   Prospectors Panorama
January 01 - February 28, 2015                Desert Gardens -Gem & Mineral **
January 02 - January 11, 2015                 Tyson Wells Rock & Gem Show
January 05 - January 25, 2015                 Main Event (to be confirmed) **
January 16 - January 25, 2015                 Tyson Wells Sell-A-Rama **
January 17 - January 25, 2015                 Big Tent Sports, Vacation & RV Show **
January 21 - January 25, 2015                 Pow Wow Gem, Mineral & Jewelry **
January 30 - February 8, 2015                 Tyson Wells Arts and Crafts
February 06 - February 07, 2015             Quartzsite Quilt Show Quartzsite SR Center
February 13 - February 15, 2015             Quartzsite Gold Show 

Side Trips for Rockhounds:

Bradshaw Trail also known as the Gold Road to La Paz, is located in California's southeastern
Riverside County. The trail was created in 1862 by William Bradshaw, and was the first trail that
crossed the Riverside County desert all the way to the Colorado River. In 1863 it became a 
well-traveled overland stage route. Originating in San Bernardino, the trail was used to haul miners
and other passengers to the gold fields at La Paz, Arizona (now Ehrenberg).
Hauser Geode Beds Take the Wiley's Well Road exit from Interstate 10 and continue driving
south to the graded dirt road just past the state prison. You will pass Wiley's Well campground (9
miles south of I-10), and Coon Hollow campground (12 miles south of I-10). You will see a dirt
road on the right with a marker indicating the route to the Hauser Geode Beds. This is also the
Imperial and Riverside county border.
Tumco/Hedges Ghost Town Driving Interstate 8 east of El Centro, California, after you pass
through the Imperial Sand Hills, you can see off to the left a small group of mountains that
appear dark brown. These mountains are known as the Cargo Muchacho Mountains.
Opal Hill Mine Tucked deep into the Mule Mountains, not far from Palo Verde, lies Opal Hill
Mine. Opal Hill is well known for its beautiful and rare fire agate, opal eggs and quartz crystals.
When one thinks of a mine, images of deep shafts or dark tunnels usually come to mind. The
Opal Hill Mine can be better described as a claim established on a hillside which overlooks a
valley. The mine consists of rock outcroppings and holes where agate has been extracted. 

Support our a local show

January 17 - 18: EXETER, CA
Tule Gem & Mineral Society, Visalia
Exeter Veterans Memorial Building
324 N Kaweah Avenue, Hwy 65
Hours: Sat 10 - 5; Sun 10 - 4
Contact: Bill Bingaman, (559) 741-6381

February 13 - 22: INDIO, CA
San Gorgonio Mineral & Gem Society, Cabazon
Riverside County Fair & National Date Festival
82-503 Highway 11
Hours: 10 - 10 daily
Contact: Bert Grisham, (915) 849-1674
February 27 - March 8, IMPERIAL, CA
Imperial Valley Gem & Mineral Society
Imperial Valley Expo
200 East 2nd Street/dd>
Hours: Weekends noon - 10 pm; Weekdays 4 pm - 10 pm
John Pyle, Jr. (760) 562-3453
February 28 - March 1: VALLEJO, CA
Vallejo Gem & Mineral Society
Solano County Fairgrounds, Mc Cormack Hall
900 Fairgrounds Drive
Hours: 10:00 - 5:00 daily
Contact: Dan Wolke, 707 334-2950
March 6 - 8: NEWARK, CA
Mineral & Gem Society of Castro Valley
Newark Pavilion
6430 Thornton Avenue
Hours: Fri & Sat 10 - 6; Sun 10 - 5
Contact: Cathy Miller, (510) 887-9007

March 7 - 8: ARCADIA, CA
Monrovia Rockhounds
Los Angeles Arboretum
301 Baldwin Avenue
Hours: 9:00 - 4:30 daily
Contact: Jo Anna Ritchey, (626) 359-1624
March 7 - 8: VENTURA, CA
Ventura Gem & Mineral Society
Ventura County Fairgrounds
10 West Harbor Blvd.
Hours: Sat 10 - 5; Sun 10 - 4
Contact: Krishna Juarez, (805) 323-6725

March 13 - 15: VICTORVILLE, CA
Victorville Valley Gem & Mineral Society
Stoddard Wells Road & Hwy 15
Hours: 9 - 5 daily
Tele: V.V.G.M.C. (760) 243-2330

January 2015 Field Trip:
Gaviota Beach for Whale Bone
Saturday January 17, 2015 @ 1:00 pm
It’s time again for the annual Del Air Fossil Whale Bone Hunt. This is always a fun trip. Low tide is at approximately 3:00 pm so we will meet at Gaviota Beach at around 1:00 pm. Dress in layers as the weather this time of year can vary from cold and cloudy to sunny and warm. Bring buckets or canvas bags to carry home your treasures. There’s no open stores nearby for food and water so while you’re at it, why not pack yourselves a picnic lunch to eat on the beach when you are done searching. Take US Hwy 101 Ventura Freeway approximately 100 miles to Gaviota Beach Rd exit.
                                                   Jeff Dengrove – Filed Trip Chairman