Monday, February 19, 2024

March 2024 Del Air Calendar of Events

Thursday March 7: General Meeting                                                                                                          7:30 pm in our regular meeting room at Northridge United Methodist Church                                    

Sunday March 10: Daylight Savings Time Begins

Sunday March 17: St Patrick's Day

Thursday March 21: Board Meeting At the Dearborn's Home

Saturday March 23: Chainmail Jewelry Making Class                                                                                  At Maxine Dearborn's home - See article

Sunday March 31: Easter Sunday


March's General Meeting Program:

"Rocks & Crocs" Some Lesser Known Geological Features in Australia                                          Presented by Dick & Mary Pat Weber

I am happy to report that Dick Weber is much better and back to his usual self so please come join us at our March 2024 meeting where Dick & Mary Pat Weber have been rescheduled, and will present to us, a tantalizing look at some of the lesser known but still spectacular, geological and paleontological features throughout Australia. Everyone knows about the Great Barrier Reef and Ayers Rock but there are so many more features that are equally impressive but known to only a select few. Hope to see you all there.


Aileen's Creative Corner - Crafting with Gemstones

This month, Aileen will be talking about crafting with gemstones. She uses Labradorite, Tourmaline, Amethyst, Unakite, Tigers Eye and Agates. These are just a few and there are many, many more. She will use whatever feels or looks good to her. She'll show you some of the things she has created and explain how you, too, can easily create beautiful and fun things out of the loose or extra gemstones from your collection.



On January 27th our club gathered together at Refugio Beach State Park in Santa Barbara, under the guidance of president & field trip chairman, Jeff Dengrove. It was a great, sunny day for the 11 of us and 3 guests who went looking for this special rock. The high tides of the last few weeks undercut the banks and delivered a lot more rock to the area. Members who braved the tide while we were there found fossil whale bones and more interesting rocks that will be displayed at our club meetings. The local islands looked like you could hit them with one of the rocks you didn’t want to keep. We had a great day, took      in a lot of fresh air and brought home a couple neat rocks too!



 Our education group had another fun evening talking to students and their parents at Stanley Mosk Elementary school's STEM NIGHT event. This was a new school for us and, BOY, were we busy with happy faces. We had our volcano display to talk about and with such a crowd most of the time we had two free games going. Our spin-a-wheel never stopped going and even broke the clicker, which had to be replaced mid-evening. We had lots of rock questions and some even brought their own rocks to be identified. Fun, fun, fun. Members attending for this 3 hour event were: Shellie Van Winkle, Bernadette Friedman, Pam Abbott, Bob Knox and Bob & Maxine Dearborn.