Wednesday, July 26, 2023

August 2023 Del Air Rockhounds Calendar of Events

Thursday August 3: General Meeting                                                                                                          7:30 pm in our regular meeting room at Northridge U.M. Church                                                              

Saturday August 12: Shop Day @ Jeff Dengrove's Home  

Thursday August 17: Board Meeting - 7:30 pm at the Dearborn's home


August 2023 General Meeting Program:                                                                                                    Annual Ice Cream/Bingo/Summer Finds Social                                                                                                Presented by Del Air Board of Directors

Come join us for our annual Ice Cream/Bingo/Summer Finds Social! We will be serving Neapolitan cream with toppings. Members are encouraged to bring in their summer rock finds to share with the group and we'll top the evening off with 6 to 8 rousing games of Bingo where you can win fabulous prizes.


The Rockhound Dennis Miller Show

Dennis will fill us in on August's birthstone, Peridot. Dennis also asks all members to bring in their summer finds for show & tell and share with our members and guests. Dennis will share his summer finds as well.


Wrightwood CA Potluck/Field Trip Report

A big shout out to member Shellie Van Winkle for allowing us to use her Wrightwood home for our potluck/field trip on Saturday July 8th. We had 17 members and one guest attend the event. Members present were Shellie Van Winkle, Bernadette Friedman, Bob & Maxine Dearborn, Rudy & Martina Rodriguez, Dan & Diana Durfee, Chris Ward, Bob Knox, Jeff Dengrove, Dan Farber, Steven & Lourdes & Coriolis Koch, Jeff & Emmy Silverman and guest Mason Wynn. As always with the Del Air Rockhounds, the potluck was exceptional with a huge and plentiful variety of foods, salads, fruits and deserts. The weather was superb with a cool breeze blowing through the tall pines. We started with breakfast muffins, bagels, coffee and hot tea at 10:00 am and then headed down to the collecting site at about 10:40. Everyone returned a couple of hours later and we all started in on the potluck lunch. It was a lot of fun and we shared tons of camaraderie. After lunch some returned to the collecting site while others wandered into town to partake in the Mountaineering Days festival that was also going on that weekend. All in all, a great time was had by all. Thanks to all those who attended and also to Shellie for her wonderful hospitality.