Friday, March 14, 2008

A Few Highlights From Our 2008 Gemboree Show

Congratulations and many thanks to all the hardworking Del Air Rockhounds members as well as the many friends and vendors who helped to make our 2008 Gemboree a huge success. Without all of you we wouldn't have been able to make this happen! I am adding some pictures taken by myself during the show to for all to enjoy. Thanks again to everyone and please enjoy this little trip down memory lane.

Del Air's Keith Malone & Dick Flaharty at the silent auction table.
(be very very quiet......they're selling rocks!!)

Vendors displaying and selling their many wares.

Del Air's very own Leilani Backus, working her booth.
(Don't mess with her...She single handedly scared away the rain from our show!!)

More Vendors.

Del Air's queen of the wire wrap, Dorothy Ridenour, surrounded by all her fabulous treasures.

Del Air's Len Hellenthal, kickin' it at the Boutique.

Del Air's chief of security and head bouncer, Oscar (the Brute) Marin, surreptitiously patrolling the crowd.

Del Air's esteemed commander in chief, Bob Backus. (all hail the chief cause he's the chief and he needs hailing....everyone sing!)

Del Air's one and only, Maxine (I must've talked to about a bazillion kids) Dearborn helping some Boy Scouts earn their geology badges.

Del Air's Dennis (the Blade) Miller cutting geodes to the delight of all.

Del Air's very own Jim (the Rip) Van Winkle discussing his extraordinary fossil collection with fascinated onlookers both young and old alike.

Del Air's culinary guru himself, Bob (Wolfgang Puck) Dearborn whose lifelong motto is "live, love, eat.......oh..and collect rocks".

And last but not least....All the great displays.........

Fossils by Jim Van Winkle

More Fossils by Jim Van Winkle

Keokuk Geodes by Chris Ward

Amber by Jon Meredith

Stone Boxes by Keith Malone

Metamorphic Slabs by Richard Haering

Petrified Wood by Bob Knox

Native Indian Jewelry by Maxine & Keri Dearborn

Minerals & Mineral By-Products by Maxine & Keri Dearborn

Spiderweb Turquoise by Steve Dover

Here's looking forward to an even more successful 2009. Thanks again!!!