Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 2012 CFMS Field Trip

CFMS FIELD TRIPS–SOUTH PALOS VERDES, CA  July 28, 2012 – Saturday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm
This field trip will be a day trip near the ocean at Palos Verdes, CA. There will be 3 sites to collect at. You can go to all the sites or just a few. I have each site time where we will be at if you meet us later in the day. I have detailed maps of all the sites and I would recommend contacting me or go to the CFMS web site for the maps. There will be CFMS signs on my truck, white Ford F-250 crew cab. At each site there will be a brief information meeting about the site and I will bring samples of what to find. We will meet at the first site at Bluff Cove 8:00 am.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               SITE 1: Glaucophane and Agate location. 8:00-10:30am (Bluff Cove, about 300 yards long switch back to bottom, Medium hike) We will be looking for Glaucophane and agate amongst the beach rocks.
SITE 2: Barite locations for well-formed crystals. 11:00am-1:30pm (about 100 yards switch back to bottom, Medium hike) Once down on the beach we will walk about 200 yards to the dig site. You can collect along the beach, the best stuff you will need to climb up the hill about 100 feet.
SITE 3: Livingstone Quarry for Dog-Tooth Dolomite, Selenite. 2:00-4:30pm. We will go to two collecting sites: first for selenite, walking along on paths about 100 yards from where we parked. For the best selenite you will climb about 100 feet up a hill. After about an hour we will walk on paths about 100 yards to the dog-tooth dolomite. There is surface material or you can use rock pick, chisels to dig.                                                                               
WHAT TO BRING: Sunscreen, large brim hat, shovel, rock hammer or pick, gad or chisel, sledges, collecting bags, buckets, day pack, eye protection, sturdy shoes, drinking water, lunch, newspaper to wrap your rocks.

SITE 1 - GLAUCOPHANE and AGATE: Head SOUTH on the 405 Freeway, EXIT at the Hawthorne Blvd. Turn right, south on Hawthorne Blvd travel about 7 miles. Turn right, west to Palos Verdes Drive North travel about 2.2 miles make a slight left west to Palos Verdes Drive West travel about 1 mile. Turn right, west to Paseo Del Mar, travel about 1/8 mile. There will be a parking area on the west side of the road, toward the ocean, park there.
SITE 2 - BARITE and SELENITE: From site 1 Paseo Del Mar turn right, south to Palos Verdes Drive West turning into Palos Verdes Drive South travel about 4.9 miles. There will be a large parking lot on the south side of the road, toward the ocean, park there.
SITE 3 - DOG-TOOTH DOLOMITE and SELENITE: From site 2 Palos Verdes Drive South turn right, east travel about 3.5 miles Turn left, north to Forrestal Dr. Travel about 1/4 mile. Park on the side of the road before the gate, they close the gate and you might get locked in.

*Please let me know if you are going to go on the field trip, weather changes. If I don't know you're going on the field trip, I won’t be able to contact you if the field trip is canceled. Even if you might not go, still contact me for the information and maps. Don't wait until the day before.

CONTACTS: For maps, more info & sign up: Robert Sankovich;, (805) 494-7734 or Adam Dean;, (909) 489-4899