Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 2013 field Trip & Quartzsite Info

January 2013 Field Trip: Whale Bone Hunting
Our Club is again taking our annual January Field Trip to the beach to collect Fossil Whale Bone. This year we are heading to Gaviota Beach State Park on January 19th and plan to meet in the parking lot at 10:00am. Look at your map. This park is on Hwy 101 north of Santa Barbara and south of Buellton where highway 101 turns inland from the coast. It will probably take you 2 hours or so to get to this location. The low tide is at 12:00 noon and this will give us time to look around both north and south on the beach. You probably want to bring a lunch, something to drink and something to carry your rocks in - a heavy bag works. You might also want a change of shoes because you probably will get your feet wet. Remember, this is a daily fee area. This fee will cover all the State Park beaches so on your way home you can stop at the other parks along the coast and look for rocks there too
Jeff Dengrove: Field Trip Chairman
2013 Quartzsite, Arizona Pow-Wow & Rock Show
Are you thinking about going to Quartzsite in 2013? Some of our members are already planning an annual trip to this HUGE ROCK AND MINERAL SALE. If you have never been to Quartzite, you have missed  one of the largest & most fun places for rockhounds. This year’s schedule is: MAIN EVENTJAN 7-JAN 27; TYSON WELLS: JAN 18-JAN 27; RV TENT: JAN 19-JAN 27; POW WOW: JAN 23-JAN 27; DESERT GARDENS: JAN 1-FEB 28.
The above is the major look and buy areas plus there are many, many smaller areas with many booths to shop for most anything you can think of. These areas are open most of the above times and many much longer. If you would like to camp with us, we will be at our campsite Jan. 22nd - Jan 29th. To find us, take the Quartzsite exit (2nd one) east of town, turn right to intersection. Then turn left at intersection that takes you on a side road which swings around parallel to Hwy 10 east. Go approx. 2 miles on this side road, over a small concrete bridge and turn right on the dirt road where there is signs for the Del Air Club. Signs will be white paper plates with “Del Air” and an arrow printed on them. Following these signs with arrows will take you to the campsite.
Bob Dearborn: Secretary