Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Help!!! We Need A New Club Show Site!!!

Help!!!    We Need A New Club Show Site!!!

As you may or may not know, our club has lost its show site and we will not be having our annual GEMboree Show this year on the last weekend of February 2013 as we usually do. We ask all members and friends to be looking for a replacement site. Some of the requirements needed for a show site are:

1.     We need to be able to use the site for 3 days. Set up and 2 show days over a weekend.
2.     Site should be about 4000 sq. ft. in size or more. At the church, we have approximately 2000 sq. ft. inside and 2000 sq. ft. outside (all inside would be better)
3.     The room(s) needs to have electrical outlets around the walls and even better if in the floor near the middle of the room. At least 20 amp circuits to handle our electrical needs.
4.     Needs to have restrooms.
5.     Needs ample parking.
6.     A kitchen would be nice but we can work around this.
7.     Cost: This one is hard to figure. It will depend on the size and amenities of the facility. We can afford no more than a couple thousand dollars.
8.     Dates: In the past, we have held our show over the last weekend of February. We all know and plan for this date however, we are amenable to different dates and can adapt if necessary. First though, we need to find a site.
9.     If you should see or know of a possible site, please let the board know about it. We will be happy to check it out and see if it works for us.
     Del Air Rockhounds Club Board of Directors