Thursday, March 28, 2013

April 2013 CFMS Field Trip Info

Co-hosted Field Trip to: Firebaugh / Panoche Hills, California - APRIL 13 - 14, 2013
TRIP LOCATION – “Area 54”, near I-5, Firebaugh, CA, Western Fresno County
TRIP DIFFICULTY RATING SCALE:   Vehicle Access & Parking - # 3-4, good for most vehicles and RV’s, no specific handicap parking.
Collection or View Site - # 5-7, gravel roads, drive up to sites, flat ground, plus hills.

WHEN – Saturday & Sunday, April 13 & 14, 2013
SPONSOR CLUB – Roseville Rock Rollers Gem & Mineral Society; co-hosted by CFMS Field Trips-North
LEADERS & CONTACT INFO – SIGN UP AHEAD OF TIME:. Gordon Standlee and Jim Barton, (916) 847-7321 (Cell) or (916) 773-0458 (Home).
 Note early meeting time on Saturday morning.
 Sunday morning will be optional, so call cell phone if coming only on Sunday.
COLLECTION MATERIAL – Jasper, agate, jade, serpentine, blue green and chocolate magnesite are a few of the finds in this collection of farm & canal district rock piles, in the Little Panoche Creek bed. We estimate a total area of over 120 acres.
• Arrive Saturday, April 13, 0830 hours (8:30 a.m.) at Chevron Travel Plaza (West Nees Ave exit 379 off  Interstate 5), Firebaugh, CA
• Depart for Area 54 at 9:00 a.m.
• Travel south to next exit on Shields Rd/Firebaugh where field trip begins.
• Dry Camp (no facilities) overnight Saturday (potluck dinner at 6 pm).
• NOTE: If staying at hotel in area, recommend reservations.
• Resume collecting Sunday 9 a.m.
MEET – Chevron Travel Plaza (W Nees Avenue exit 379 on I-5) Firebaugh, CA (Saturday). Call if coming/meeting only Sunday.

Meeting place map note: This link is to Google Maps showing the route from Sacramento via Interstate 5 to W Nees Ave, Firebaugh It can be changed to your starting location by entering the  address in the "A" box then clicking on "Get Directions"                                                     
DIRECTIONS TO SITE/CAMP – From Roseville, Interstate 80, travel West to Sacramento, CA. Take I-5 South towards Los Angeles to Exit 379, Nees Avenue to Chevron Travel Plaza. Meet at 0830 hours and leave at 0900 hours. Travel south to next exit.
VEHICLE REQ'S – Providing the weather remains dry, most vehicles should be able to manage gravel roads.
CAMP/FACILITIES – No RV parks open at this time, dry camp at collecting site, motels/hotels in the region.
TOOLS – Sturdy gloves, wide brim hat, cool weather clothing, geologists pick or small sledge hammer, sturdy shovel, medium crowbar, gallon(s) of water, food/snacks. Bring plenty of milk crates or plastic buckets to haul your material home.
SAFETY CONCERNS – use goggles and gloves. Watch for snakes, etc. Use protection from the sun. Trips, slips and falls.
CLIMATE/WEATHER – sunny, rain, windy, mild, cold, we’ve had it all; come prepared!
CLOTHING – be prepared for any type of weather, it could be quite warm or chilly & wet.
OTHER REMARKS –At the collecting sites, there is NO WATER and you want to bring a least a gallon with you (per person).
No restroom facilities after Chevron Plaza