Thursday, June 20, 2024

June 2024 Del Air Monthly Calendar of Events

Thursday June 6: General Meeting 7:30 pm at Northridge United Methodist Church

Saturday June 15: Delvers G & M Society Parking Lot Sale

Sunday June 16: Father's Day 

Thursday June 20: Board Meeting 7:30 pm at Shellie Van Winkle's home

Saturday June 22: Working & Polishing Amber Class 

June's General Meeting Program:                                                                                                          'Bonsai Trees & Rocks, Melding the Two Together'                                                                          Presented by Dan Durfee

Come join us at our June meeting where club member Dan Durfee will show us how he creates his beautiful bonsai trees and how he incorporates colorful rocks and minerals to help showcase his masterpieces. It's sure to be an informative and creative experience for all.


June 2024 Workshop 
Working & Polishing Amber
Presented by Jon Meredith
Club member and amber enthusiast, Jon Meredith, will be hosting a class on working and polishing amber at Jeff Dengroves house. Amber is fossilized tree resin and can be found in a select few locations around the globe. There will be space for ten (10) participants and a sign up sheet will be available at the June general meeting. Jon will be providing all necessary materials. The slab saws and a genie will also  be available on this day for those who wish to take advantage of them. Don't miss out… get your name on that sign up sheet at the June meeting. 


Have you ever wondered about the MOHS hardness scale? Here are some facts about it!
  • The MOHS scale is a system used to identify the hardness of rocks and minerals.
  • There are many things that people use to help describe or discover a rock’s identification, but the MOHS scale is a good, efficient one to identify types of minerals.
  • The MOHS process suggests scratching two minerals together in order to find the hardness of the two minerals.
  • Who? The person who invented the MOHS scale was Friedrich E. Mohs.
  • When? The MOHS scale was created in the year 1812. How? Observing the mineral’s surface when it is scratched by a substance of known or defined hardness.
  • When? The scale was found in the early 1800's in one of Friedrich’s books.
  • What? The MOHS hardness scale means Scale of Mineral Hardness.


Del Air Club Annual Wrightwood Field Trip Report:
Thanks to member Shellie Van Winkle, we met again at her house in Wrightwood, CA for our annual field trip. There were breakfast snack items on the table when we all got there and fresh coffee. Boy, what a way to start collecting rock! Our members trooped off, about 2 city blocks, to the collecting area and had a great time filling their bags. Some had large rocks too big for their bags. After about 2 hours of collecting, we all headed back to the house for a huge pot-luck lunch of warm food, salads, finger food and rich desserts. Every field trip should be like this one! Members present were: Shellie Van Winkle, Bernadette Friedman, Jeff Dengrove, Dan & Diana Durfee, Aileen Beckers, Michael Tschacher, Louise Ratliff, Bob & Maxine Dearborn and Peggy Donner. Again, Thank You Shellie for a great, easy and fun way to have a field trip.